“Youth is wasted on the young.”


“Let us be young”, I want to say. Let us allow time to slip through our fingers, because only then might we realise just how precious it truly is. Perhaps these regrets were meant for us to realise that time is not something that we are in the power of controlling. Perhaps being idle is part of youth.

In a time of soul-searching and finding our footing, what if idleness was a safe haven for us to sort through our thoughts and take a breath? Maybe it’s alright to not be chasing after every single opportunity that arises. Maybe we shouldn’t be guilt-tripping ourselves into doing something for the sole reason that in a few decades time, we may regret not having done that very thing. Maybe we shouldn’t be afraid of admitting that we don’t feel ready to go the extra mile yet.

But instead, I fall victim to the fear of missing out. The very thought that I’m letting my youth trickle away sends alarm bells ringing in my head. And in an (failed) attempt to cope, I spend my time swinging between two extremes: wanting to do everything and wanting to do nothing at all. So, after tossing and turning relentlessly in my bed till the early hours of Saturday morning, I decided to start a bucket list.

The concept of bucket lists has always appealed to me. Regardless of the situation, lists have always felt oddly comforting – a succinct way of clearing my mind. From the moment I learned about the concept of bucket lists in 2012, I would spend the beginning of every summer writing out idea after idea in the hopes of an adventurous summer, but as September rolled around, I would always realise that I had been overly ambitious.

This time though, I won’t set myself a deadline; it shall be a true bucket list (as in the deadline will be my actual death, and for the sake of this list I do hope to have several decades in front of me).



My Bucket List

  • Backpack in Southeast Asia
  • Backpack in Australia
  • Backpack in South America
  • Backpack in India
  • Go Interrailing
  • Road trip across the US
  • Travel around the Greek Islands
  • Do a Yacht Week
  • Work a Summer in Ibiza
  • Skydive
  • Go snorkelling
  • Go scuba diving
  • Get a PADI certification
  • Learn to surf
  • Learn to skateboard
  • Ride a camel in the desert
  • Ride a Segway
  • Ride a hoverboard
  • Ride in a hot air balloon
  • Ride on a beach
  • Attend an opening ceremony of an Olympic Games
  • Attend a closing ceremony of an Olympic Games
  • Attend Lantern Fest
  • Attend Coachella
  • Attend Burning Man
  • Attend Ultra Music Festival
  • Attend Tomorrowland
  • Attend Rio Carnival
  • Attend an Indian wedding
  • Celebrate Holi in India
  • Stargaze on the Canary Islands (maybe even see shooting stars?)
  • Watch a total solar eclipse live
  • Buy a Go Pro
  • Become fluent in Spanish
  • Become fluent in German
  • Skinny dip
  • Jump off a cliff
  • Volunteer
  • Be part of a society in uni
  • Become president of a society

Most of the items on my list are travel related and I blame that on the fact that I’ve been immersing myself in travel inspo over the past few days. That being said, this list is far from being complete and I will be continue to chip away at it, adding items as well as striking some off (hopefully)! In any case, I shall be creating a permanent page on my blog on which I will update my bucket list.

And with that, I shall be signing off. Have a wonderful week full of little adventures!

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