The Beauty of Rediscoveries

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“Spring-cleaning” has been a notion that I’ve lusted after for years since I was a child. It had been an idea introduced to me through the very first chapter of “The Wind in the Willows” and I had always imagined how refreshing it would feel to rid myself of the old, leaving everything sparkling clean. But up until this year, spring had always been one of the most chaotic seasons; end-of-school-year exhaustion built up, impending exams saturated my time and every moment of respite that I could snatch would be spent basking in the sun (because frankly, that had always tempted me more than cleaning).

But this year, time is on my side and to be quite honest, I believe I have far too much of it on my hands. So as I balanced a blocked nose, blocked ears and a crackled voice, I began my venture into a wardrobe that had been untouched for years (okay, maybe not for years, but definitely more than a couple months).

There is something tangibly relieving about dragging old jumpers from the depths of drawers and realising that you had outgrown them long ago. And there is also something quite wonderful about rediscovering old pieces that somehow still miraculously fit you. You fall in love with them all over again and it feels like you’re merely shopping from your own closet.

I have read on some blog posts that if you hadn’t worn an item in over a year, then it was as good a time as any to throw it out. But as Evelina said on YouTube, sometimes you do end up falling in love with a certain piece again. For me, it was a beautiful green crochet dress that I had purchased from Mango when I was 12. Surprisingly, it still fit me, but then again I had bought it in a size S, so presumably it must have had a much looser fit on me 6 years ago.

To inspire myself (and also to prove that I could still keep the dress in my closet), I decided to assemble an outfit that I would be able to wear in the near future, because my fashion taste amongst many other things has certainly changed since I was 12.

While there were a good number of clothes that I salvaged and that I intend to alter to fit my present style, item after item ultimately landed in the ‘out’ pile. For the clothes that are still in beautiful condition, I plan on selling them on the Vinted app, but for the rest, I believe I will give them away to charity or alternatively, recycle them at H&M.







Dress – Mango

Jacket – Primark

Necklace – Gifted by a friend

Bag – Accessorize

Hat – Nasty Gal

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