2017 Goals

fullsizerender1I’m writing this as I stand in line waiting to board a train that is being incrementally delayed. A departure that should have happened 15 minutes ago will now happen 30 minutes from now – or so they have reassured us time and time again. And so we wait.

Waiting has always made my mind wander, though perhaps less so today; today, I’m a little worn down by the bustling around me and the burden of two baggages. My luggage isn’t much, but for a traveller accustomed to a single backpack, it feels excessive. It’s supposed to last you 3 months, I try to reassure myself. Still, I feel too heavy. 

Instead, i distract myself and am reminded of the fact that I still have yet to write up my 2017 Goals. Given that we are fast approaching the end of week 1 of 2017, I would think that it should take priority over anything else. (Even exams? Even exams.)

So pulling out my new notebook and a pen, I flip to the last pages and begin to etch a title: ‘2017 Goals’. I pause. For someone who wants to do so much, it’s hard to pinpoint exactly what I want to achieve. Perhaps there is a beauty in not planning to do something and doing it simply when the opportunity arises; in retrospect it allows us to marvel at our own spontaneity, for some things just cannot be planned. But for the sake of a semblance of structure in my life, I began to list out some goals.

  • Travel to 5 countries
  • Take blogging seriously
  • Read 20 books
  • Keep up with Chinese, French and German
  • Learn Spanish
  • Learn C++
  • Get my driver’s license
  • Build 6 themes
  • Get a part-time job

Knowing me, I won’t achieve everything on this list by the 31st December 2017. I don’t even expect that of myself. But sometimes, I need a little push when I am bored – a reminder that there are things to be done. And in those moments, I hope I will remember to flip to this page and pick an item of the list. Either that or I shall continue striving towards my career goal of being a couch potato.

Below are a couple more snapshots I took during my visit to the Canterbury Cathedral this weekend:

img_5646Processed with VSCO with hb2 presetimg_5632fullsizerenderimg_5641img_5644

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