Fresh in Ibiza

Ibiza Sunset


There is little I appreciate more in this world than having a friend who is as spontaneous as I am. All it took was for an initial summer plan to crumble into smithereens one night for Aimee and I to concoct a plan B for summer 2017: fly to Ibiza in 10 days time. I was certainly delirious when we agreed on our new destination (3 AM brains have a tendency to be highly strung). Within two hours, I had narrowed accommodation research down to a single hotel, calculated flight prices and wrapped up all relevant information in a neat 10-slide PowerPoint for Aimee to read in the morning.

Isn’t she a little extra, I hear you ask. The answer is undeniably yes – but it was also the most efficient way for me to communicate everything concisely to my partner-in-crime.

And it was certainly worth it.

The perfectionist side of me wants to go into the minute details; depict every passing second, write reviews, rate each experience on a single number line.  But that would detract from what that week was. Our week in Ibiza cannot be defined by a single moment, or even by every single moment glued together with the logical connective ‘and’. It was a blur of memories entwined, merging, strengthening a friendship that was already firm. It was absorbing the relaxing vibes surrounding us, it was immersing ourselves in deep conversations that we rarely had time to have back at university, it was doubling over in laughter whenever either of us did something remotely foolish.

10 days later, and I can still feel the sun lingering on my skin and that blissfulness flowing through my veins. The week passed in a blink of an eye and stretched on for an eternity all at once. Ibiza tickled my senses and I will surely be back one day for a second serving.

For a quick glance at our week in Ibiza, feast your eyes on the vlog. It summarises our experience better than I could ever summarise in words…


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