Fresh in Ibiza

Ibiza Sunset


There is little I appreciate more in this world than having a friend who is as spontaneous as I am. All it took was for an initial summer plan to crumble into smithereens one night for Aimee and I to concoct a plan B for summer 2017: fly to Ibiza in 10 days time. I was certainly delirious when we agreed on our new destination (3 AM brains have a tendency to be highly strung). Within two hours, I had narrowed accommodation research down to a single hotel, calculated flight prices and wrapped up all relevant information in a neat 10-slide PowerPoint for Aimee to read in the morning. Continue reading “Fresh in Ibiza”


2017 Goals

fullsizerender1I’m writing this as I stand in line waiting to board a train that is being incrementally delayed. A departure that should have happened 15 minutes ago will now happen 30 minutes from now – or so they have reassured us time and time again. And so we wait.

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